Employee Development at the Northern Land Council

Learning and development (L&D) is an important part of the employment journey at the Northern Land Council (NLC). With a dedicated team, L&D is framed on three key objectives.

  1. That it helps us attract and retain talent and makes the NLC an employer of choice by offering meaningful investment in training and career development.
  2. That our training increases the NLC's capability to support our strategic and operational objectives.
  3. And that all training support the NLC's values to help us better serve our constituents.

L&D is supported by a dedicated strategy, outlining our pillars of capability, experiential approach and technology driven solutions. Training is seen as an important, legitimate part of work and employees are actively encouraged to participate in ongoing development in every role.

All staff have access to our flagship learning management system, dhukarr marngidhinyamirri. Dhukarr marngidhinyamirri is the Yolŋu word for learning pathway, the calling for our staff to grow on a journey of learning.

New staff are automatically enrolled into our New Employee Onboarding program hosted in dhukarr and have access to in-house and external training content, plus the full LinkedIn Learning catalogue. We regularly offer face to face training in our dedicated training rooms, equipped for both face to face and virtual delivery.

The NLC encourages ongoing employee professional development by supporting training with key employee benefits. Our Study Assistance program offers staff reimbursement for education qualifications and Study Leave provisions are also available. Staff who are members of a professional body or association can also claim reimbursement of membership fees to ensure continuous professional development and keep skills current for their profession. We also offer in-house accredited training programs, work-based traineeships, and support secondment.

The L&D team support managers in a business partner model, offering advice, developing team skills maps, and designing custom training solutions. We help employees individually with training advice, personalised training plans and custom-curated learning content to meet their each person's training needs.